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Principal Investigator

Denny, Thomas - Chief Operating Officer

EQAPOL Luminex Oversight Laboratory

Sempowski, Gregory - Scientific Director, DHVI Shared Resources
Lynch, Heather - Shared Resource Lab Manager

DHVI Director

Haynes, Barton - Director

EQAPOL Flow Cytometry Oversight Laboratory

Weinhold, Kent - Senior Investigator
Chan, Cliburn - Assistant Professor
Enzor, Jennifer - Laboratory Analyst II
Staats, Janet - Scientific/Research Laboratory Manager

EQAPOL Central Laboratory

Garcia, Ambrosia - Director of Laboratory Operations
Louzao, Raul - Director of Laboratory Operations
DeMarco, Todd - Laboratory Research Analyst, Senior
Hood, Sylvia - Laboratory Research Analyst I
Keinonen, Sarah - Laboratory Research Analyst II
Register, Heidi - Laboratory Research Analyst I
Tyson II, William - Laboratory Research Analyst I
Walker, Linda - Laboratory Research Analyst, Senior
Wong, John - Laboratory Research Analyst, Senior
DeNaeyer, Nicole - Research Technician I
Register, Chelsea - Research Technician I
Campuzano, Marleny - Research Technician I

HIV Diversity and Characterization Program

Gao, Feng - Investigator [Viral Sequencing]
Hora, Bhavna - Shared Resource Laboratory Manager
Busch, Michael - Vitalent Research Institute
Mazumder, Raja - George Washington University

EQAPOL ELISpot Oversight Laboratory

Ferrari, Guido - Investigator
Berrong, Mark - Laboratory Analyst II

EQAPOL Central Quality Assurance Unit

Sarzotti-Kelsoe, Marcella - Investigator [Central Quality Assurance Unit ]
Skinner, Kristen - QA Coordinator

EQAPOL Management and Operations

Rountree, Wes - Principal Biostatistician
Moody, Tony - Investigator
Anderson, Lettie - Assistant to Tom Denny
Lynch, Theagis - IT Project Planner
Muse, Maceni W. - Network Systems Analyst
Pappas, Andrea - Program Manager
Norris, Katherine - Grants & Contracts Administrator
Todd, Chris - Program Manager
Porth, Cassie - Program Coordinator
Poniewierski, Marek - Biostatistician
Hoke, Gary - Director of Information Technology

EQAPOL Apheresis Team

Decastro III, Carlos - Professor of Medicine and Medical Oncology
Oakley, Darlene - Nursing Program Coordinator - Pheresis Laboratory

EQAPOL Biosafety

Alderman, Scott - Director of Safety
Burch, James - Laboratory Analyst II

NIH Staff for EQAPOL

D'Souza, Patricia - Lead, Clinical Laboratory Program
Finn, Lorna - Contract Specialist, NIAID
Lane, Jim - Project Officer