Specialized Panel Projects

As part of the EQAPOL Viral Diversity Panel, we are collaborating with group to create specialized panels for a variety of uses. Panels are available for NIAID-approved sites. Below is a description of three specialized panels created using EQAPOL Viral Diversity Materials.

Genetic Diversity Panel: This panel consists of 50 EQAPOL viruses representing genetic and geographic diversity including samples with Drug Resistance Mutations. Panel viruses are spiked into defibrinated plasma and are available as a blinded panel. The panel is being produced in collaboration with Blood Systems Research Institute.  The panel is being utilized by the Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study-III (REDS-III) project for validating genotyping methods.

Genetic Diversity Panel

Pseudotyped Virus Panel: The goal of this project is to develop a panel of standardized Env-pseudoviruses. The panel will be used primarily by Julie Overbaugh and other investigators in the HIV Superinfection Working Group. Material for generating the pseudoviruses was provided by the HIV Superinfection Working Group and Dr. David Montefiori from Duke University. The panel is available in 0.5 mL aliquots to interested sites.

Pseudotyped Virus Panel

Drug Resistance Virus Panel: This panel consists of 29 EQAPOL viruses with drug resistance mutations. These viruses are derived from different geographic regions and represent diverse virus strains. The near full-length genomes of the panel viruses are sequenced. The percentages of minor and major drug resistance mutations in each viral isolate are determined by next-generation sequencing.

  • Subtypes: CRF01, CRF02, CRF14, CRF47, A1, B, C, D, F1, F2, G, O, URF_BC, URF_ADG, URF_A1B
  • Countries of Origin: China, Cameroon, Brazil, Spain, USA, Uganda, Guinea

DRV Panel