EQAPOL Virus Diversity Panel

The EQAPOL Virus Diversity panel is composed of high/titer cultured viruses representing the geographic and genetic diversity of HIV. HIV sources are cultured to high titer/high volume and then stored as neat culture supernatant, as well as spiked into defibrinated plasma at two different concentrations. Viruses are evaluated, characterized, and fully sequenced before adding them to a central repository where they will be available to the research community. For the EQAPOL Viral Diversity Program, 25 new viruses are cultured to high titer/high volume each year. Below, you can search the current inventory available from EQAPOL and request samples. Samples can be shipped to NIAID-approved laboratories. There is no cost of the samples, only the cost of shipping. If you have any questions, contact us at EQAPOL@duke.edu
Name Typesort descending Subtype Country of Origin Year of Sampling Coreceptor Usage Request
DEMC00IN005.01 Spiked Plasma 2 India 2000 Request Sample
DEMB10VE001.01 Spiked Plasma 2 B Venezuela 2010 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMB08UK003.01 Spiked Plasma 2 B United Kingdom 2008 CCR5/CXCR4 Request Sample
DEMC11ZM006.01 Spiked Plasma 2 C Zambia 2011 CCR5 Request Sample
DEURF07BR002.01 Spiked Plasma 2 Brazil 2007 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMF210CM007.01 Spiked Plasma 2 F2 Cameroon 2010 CCR5 Request Sample
DE02210CM006.01 Spiked Plasma 2 Cameroon 2010 Request Sample
DEMB12JP001.01 Spiked Plasma 2 B Japan 2012 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMC00BW013.01 Spiked Plasma 2 C Botswana 2000 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMA03UG002.02 Spiked Plasma 2 A1 Uganda 2003 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMF211CM025.01 Spiked Plasma 2 F2 Cameroon 2011 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMBF09ES003.01 Spiked Plasma 2 Spain 2009 CCR5 Request Sample
DEMA112UA040.01 Spiked Plasma 2 A1 Ukraine 2012 CCR5 Request Sample